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About Specialty Loans

Welcome to our Specialty Loans page, where we offer a variety of unique mortgage solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether you’re a foreign national, an ITIN holder, or looking for innovative financing options, we have the perfect loan product for you. Explore our specialized loan programs below and discover how we can help you achieve your homeownership or investment goals.

Foreign National Loans

Overview: Foreign National Loans are designed for non-U.S. citizens who want to purchase property in the United States. These loans offer flexible financing options for buyers without a Social Security number.


  • Available for primary residences, second homes, and investment properties.
  • No U.S. credit history required.
  • Competitive interest rates and flexible terms.


  • Valid passport and visa.
  • Proof of income from foreign sources.
  • Minimum down payment required (varies by lender).

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ITIN Loans

Overview: ITIN Loans are designed for borrowers who do not have a Social Security number but have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). These loans provide an opportunity for undocumented immigrants to buy a home.


  • No Social Security number required.
  • Flexible credit requirements.
  • Competitive interest rates and terms.


  • Valid ITIN.
  • Proof of income and employment.
  • Minimum down payment required (varies by lender).

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Specialty Loans!

HomeReady First

Overview: The HomeReady First program is aimed at low-to-moderate-income borrowers who may not have a large down payment. It provides affordable financing options with flexible underwriting.


  • Low down payment options (as low as 3%).
  • Flexible income sources, including rental income and boarder income.
  • Reduced mortgage insurance costs.
  • Homeownership education to help borrowers succeed.


  • Income limits apply based on property location.
  • Borrower must complete an online homeownership education course.
  • Suitable for first-time homebuyers and repeat buyers.

Simple Bridge Loans

Overview: Simple Bridge Loans provide short-term financing to help you purchase a new home before selling your current one. This can be especially useful in competitive markets.


  • Quick access to funds to purchase a new home.
  • Flexible repayment options tailored to your timeline.
  • No need to rush the sale of your current home.


  • Sufficient equity in your current home.
  • Proof of income and ability to repay.
  • Suitable for homeowners transitioning to a new property.

HomeZero Program

Overview: The HomeZero Program is designed for energy-efficient homes, offering incentives and favorable terms for green building practices. It encourages sustainable living and reduces utility costs.


  • Lower interest rates for energy-efficient homes.
  • Incentives for green building features.
  • Reduced utility costs and environmental impact.


  • Property must meet energy efficiency standards.
  • Verification of energy-efficient features.
  • Suitable for new construction and existing home improvements.

Kiddie Condos

Overview: Kiddie Condos are loans designed for parents purchasing a condo for their college-bound children. Both the parent and child can be on the loan, making it easier to qualify and manage payments.


  • Helps children build credit.
  • Potentially lower housing costs compared to dorms.
  • Parents and children both on the loan.


  • Property must be a condo.
  • Child must be enrolled in college.
  • Proof of income and ability to repay.

Cash Buyer Program

Overview: The Cash Buyer Program converts pre-approved buyers into cash buyers, giving them a competitive advantage in the real estate market. This program allows for faster closings and stronger offers.


  • Competitive edge in the real estate market.
  • Faster closing times.
  • Increased likelihood of winning bidding wars.


  • Pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • Suitable for buyers in competitive markets.
  • Proof of funds and pre-approval documentation.

Why Choose Us for Your Specialty Loan Needs?

  • Expert Guidance: Our team is experienced in handling diverse loan products and can provide personalized advice.
  • Tailored Solutions: We offer customized loan options to meet your unique financial situation.
  • Fast and Efficient: Quick and smooth approval processes to help you achieve your goals promptly.
  • Customer Support: Dedicated support team to assist you through every step of the loan process.

FAQs about Specialty Loans

Yes, many of our specialty loan programs have flexible credit requirements designed to accommodate a variety of financial situations.

You will need a valid ITIN, proof of income, and other financial documents. Contact us for a detailed list.

To qualify, your home must meet specific energy efficiency standards. Our team can help you determine eligibility and guide you through the verification process.

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